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Dangers of Street Cannabis

Purchasing cannabis from a licensed and regulated dispensary is a safer & legal option for medical cardholders to avoid jail and fentanyl-laced cannabis.

"The prices are too high"!

You are correct. While the pricing of cannabis from licensed dispensaries may be higher compared to purchasing it from illegal sources, it is crucial to prioritize safety and legality. Buying cannabis from unregulated or illegal sources, such as the street market, poses significant risks.

While the pricing of cannabis from licensed dispensaries may be higher, it is important to prioritize your health and safety by obtaining cannabis from legal and regulated sources. Additionally, the higher prices in dispensaries often reflect the quality control measures, lab testing, and knowledgeable staff that ensure a safer and more reliable product.

Dispensaries are subject to strict regulations and quality control measures, ensuring that the products they sell are safe and free from harmful substances.

Here are some reasons why purchasing cannabis from a dispensary is a better choice:

1. Quality assurance: Dispensaries source their cannabis products from licensed growers and manufacturers who follow strict guidelines for cultivation, processing, and testing. This helps ensure that the cannabis is free from contaminants and adulterants, including fentanyl.

2. Lab testing: Cannabis products sold in dispensaries are typically tested by independent laboratories to verify their potency, purity, and safety. These tests can detect the presence of any harmful substances, including fentanyl, and provide consumers with accurate information about the product they are purchasing.

3. Knowledgeable staff: Dispensaries employ trained and knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance and information about different cannabis products. They can help you choose the right strain, dosage, and consumption method based on your needs and preferences.

4. Legal compliance: Purchasing cannabis from a licensed dispensary ensures that you are complying with local laws and regulations. This helps you avoid legal consequences associated with obtaining cannabis from illegal or unregulated sources.

5. Consumer protection: Licensed dispensaries are accountable to regulatory authorities, and they have a vested interest in providing safe and reliable products to their customers. If any issues arise with the cannabis products purchased from a dispensary, there are mechanisms in place to address complaints and ensure consumer protection.

It is important to note that while purchasing cannabis from a dispensary reduces the risk of obtaining fentanyl-laced cannabis, it is still essential to consume cannabis responsibly and in moderation.

If you have concerns or questions about cannabis use, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a knowledgeable cannabis specialist.

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